The New South Wales offices of Turner Freeman have collected family provision for our clients on average over the last two years of $8.8 million per year, a success that is unrivalled.

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Our lawyers have been fighting to protect the rights of individuals and to make sure they get the compensation they deserve, and in the case of Will disputes to ensure that our clients get their fair share and that adequate family provision is made. With 21 offices across the country and some of the most experienced lawyers in their field we have the financial resources and expertise to get you the best result.

If you have been treated unfairly in a Will or worse if you have been completely left out of a Will then you may be able to dispute a Will that is unfair and challenge its provisions on a number of grounds. The law in NSW including the Succession Act and specific sections that relate to family provision claims may allow you to contest a Will and the share given to beneficiaries on the basis that it does not adequately provide for the financial needs of family members particularly if there are dependants who were fully or partially financially dependant on the deceased.

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Challenging a Will?

You may also be able to challenge a Will in other circumstances such as whether the deceased had the mental capacity to understand what he/she was doing when making the Will. If you were a beneficiary of an earlier Will you may be able to contest a more recent Will where the deceased was unduly influenced by another person to change the original Will , these are referred to as undue influence claims . Beneficiaries under a Will may also have other causes of action for breach of trust by an executor or trustee or claims arising from the abuse of a power of attorney.

The law for contesting a Will recognises that defacto or same sex partners are able to contest an unfair Will.

All of the information referred to above is covered in more detail throughout our website.  Please visit our Challenging/Contesting a will question and answer pages or our Articles and Cases pages for more information.

Strict time limits may apply to contesting a Will so don’t delay.

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Since 1952 Turner Freeman Lawyers have been fighting to protect the rights of individuals and to make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

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