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Latest podcast on 2GB

John Mann, Accredited Specialist Our Wills and Estates Law accredited specialist John Mann recently appeared on 2GB Chris Smith Afternoon Show taking questions from callers on topics such as Powers of Attorney, Making a Will and whether you can exclude family members when drafting a Will.   You can listen to this podcast as well […]

Effect of a falling out may effect Family Provision Entitlements

Burke v Burke [2015] NSWCA 195  – Effect of a falling out may effect Family Provision Entitlements Unfortunately, sometimes there are times when there is a falling out between family members. The reasons are often complex but can result in an estrangement that may be long lasting. More often than not, this occurs between parents and […]

Identical Wills are not Mutual Wills

Campbell v Campbell [2015] NSWSC 784 In April, May and June 2015, the Supreme Court of NSW considered a claim by a daughter (‘the plaintiff’) who alleged that her mother was not entitled to deal with a property in Mosman (‘the Property’) because her late father and her mother had made an agreement to leave […]

The Estate of the Late Neville Wran by Alex Munro

No family or estate is immune to a dispute developing after a person’s death, although there are things that can be done to arrange your affairs to ensure the risk of a dispute developing is reduced. The estate of the former NSW Premier, the late Neville Wran is currently involved in legal action before the […]

The Importance of Explaining Your Testamentary Intentions

William John Morris v Ken Murray; Louise Vergis v Soula Morris [2014] NSWSC 756 (10 June 2014) In this matter, the deceased made statements in his Will as to why he wanted his estate distributed in a certain manner. While the Will was found to be unfair and the estate subject to redistribution, the judge […]

Successfully Contesting A Will

There can be many reasons why someone would want to contest a Will.  Below is an outline of recent matter where we successfully contested a Will on behalf of our client made by his late mother. The deceased died on 17 November 2008 leaving a Will dated 26 April 2001 appointing one of her sons, […]

Where there’s a Will there’s a way

The number of will disputes reaching the Supreme Court has shot up by almost 60 per cent since 2005, with blended families, entitled grandchildren and burgeoning estate values driving up the number of claims. While the death rate in NSW has increased by about 10 per cent over the past decade, fights over the family […]

Changes to Family Law

There has been much media coverage recently of changes to Family Law from 7 June 2012 concerning family violence and abuse. What are the changes, and what do they mean? The focus of the changes is to prioritize the safety of children in parenting cases, to protect them from harm or risk of harm, in […]

Turner Freeman websites launched

Turner Freeman has launched a series of new websites for our offices around the country.  So that the websites can provide appropriate local information, and also so as to ensure compliance with various states laws, each state will operate a different site. The sites all seek to provide detailed information about the work that the […]