Unfair Wills

Burial rights and burial licences

in Unfair Wills by Alex Munro on 2015-06-30 – 0 Comments

Vosnakis v Arfaras [2015] NSWSC 625 In a recent decision of the Supreme Court of NSW, clarification was given to the difference between a right of burial, and the statutory rights held by a person with a burial licence. The brief facts of the dispute are that the plaintiff’s deceased wife was buried in July […]

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Executor removed from office, has grant of probate revoked

The Supreme Court of NSW has recently delivered a judgment in James Justin O’Neill v Antony Patrick O’Neill [2015] NSWSC 644. The Court was asked to revoke a grant of probate to allow different people to be appointed to administer the estate and sell a property. The fact circumstances of this matter are fairly unique […]

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The Estate of the Late Neville Wran

No family or estate is immune to a dispute developing after a person’s death, although there are things that can be done to arrange your affairs to ensure the risk of a dispute developing is reduced. The estate of the former NSW Premier, the late Neville Wran is currently involved in legal action before the […]

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Succession Act 2006 – Are you entitled to make a claim on a deceased’s estate?

in Unfair Wills by Terence Goldberg on 2014-04-09 – 0 Comments

A person who believes they have been unfairly excluded from a will or other testamentary disposition may be entitled to make a claim on an estate. Chapter 3 of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW) (the Succession Act) applies to the estates of all persons who died on or after 1 March 2009. A claim under […]

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