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Will benefiting neighbour refused probate by NSW Supreme Court

in Probate & Administration by Alex Munro on 2016-09-02 – 0 Comments

Estate El Chami; Habib v El Chami [2016] NSWSC 1208 The deceased died in February 2014 aged 92 years leaving an estate comprised primarily of only his house. The estate was valued at around $917,000.00 in total. The deceased never married and had no children of his own. He had, however, made a formal will […]

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Benjamin Orders

in Family Provision Claims, Probate & Administration by Alex Munro on 2015-07-10 – 0 Comments

In certain circumstances, it is unclear to whom or how a deceased estate should be distributed. When faced with uncertainty about who should rightfully and legally inherit from an estate, an executor has the option to seek a declaration from the Court in the form of a Benjamin Order. A Benjamin Order derives its name […]

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