No Will Intestacy

No will and no spouse? Maybe…

in No Will Intestacy by Alex Munro on 2018-04-26 – 0 Comments

Rules of intestacy If someone who ordinarily lives in NSW dies without a valid will, the rules of intestacy will very likely apply to their deceased estate. The rules of intestacy in NSW can be found in Chapter 4 of the Succession Act (NSW) 2006. They provide a framework and formulas to allow a person’s […]

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Will the Government inherit your estate?

in No Will Intestacy by Alex Munro on 2015-06-18 – 1 Comments

What happens when you die with no Will is a question that is often asked, and often answered by reference to the intestacy provisions contained in Chapter 4 of the Succession Act (NSW) 2006. The intestacy provisions set out various formulae for how a person’s estate is to be divided and distributed in the event […]

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Informal Wills: A Potential Safety Net

in No Will Intestacy by Laura Robinson on 2014-07-16 – 0 Comments

The law of wills can be intricate and complex. However, there are many instances in which a so-called informal will has been declared valid by a court. The 1948 Canadian case of Cecil George Harris provides a somewhat absurd example. In that case, a farmer was crushed by his tractor and as he died he […]

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