Defending a Will

Allegations of trickery, hypnotism and lack of capacity in will dispute.

in Defending a Will, Will Dispute and Estate Law by Alex Munro on 2015-06-18 – 0 Comments

Contested probate matters are often referred to as ‘interest based litigation’. This means that in order to have legal standing to oppose a grant of probate in a deceased estate, a person mounting a challenge must be able to demonstrate they have a relevant interest in the estate. Citing various uncommon grounds, a challenge was […]

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The Estate of the Late Neville Wran

No family or estate is immune to a dispute developing after a person’s death, although there are things that can be done to arrange your affairs to ensure the risk of a dispute developing is reduced. The estate of the former NSW Premier, the late Neville Wran is currently involved in legal action before the […]

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