September 2016

I haven’t seen my mother in years – can she leave me out of her Will?

by Terence Goldberg on 2016-09-29 – 0 Comments

A general principle of New South Wales law is that a person has the freedom to choose who to leave their property to in their Will. However, a child of a deceased person may be entitled to claim property out of their parent’s estate if they can prove that adequate provision ought to have been […]

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Binding financial agreements and family provision claims

by Alex Munro on 2016-09-12 – 0 Comments

The law is a reflection of our society’s need to have rules and means of dealing with the various situations that result from complex human social interactions. Various types of laws have been developed that deal with all sorts of matters including guardianship of vulnerable people, marriage, property and the administration of property after someone’s […]

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Will benefiting neighbour refused probate by NSW Supreme Court

in Probate & Administration by Alex Munro on 2016-09-02 – 0 Comments

Estate El Chami; Habib v El Chami [2016] NSWSC 1208 The deceased died in February 2014 aged 92 years leaving an estate comprised primarily of only his house. The estate was valued at around $917,000.00 in total. The deceased never married and had no children of his own. He had, however, made a formal will […]

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